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Friday, July 25 2014 @ 06:15 AM BST

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General NewsStarted to see a few more fake Sophie Howard Autographs on Ebay.

Over the last year we have successfully had them shutdown, but they always come back.

For the record. All Sophie howard Autographs are DEDICATED. if you see an item that says "Love Sophie" or similar. Its a fake.

Autographs are availabe from her agency for free. All requests go directly to Sophie. Bear in mind though Sophie can be extremely busy and the response may not be immediate

Drop a line to :
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Developing a New Lupus Therapy

General NewsDear Sophie,
I hope this message finds you well. I am actually a 3rd year medical student on the east coast and am starting up a biotech company that is developing, among many things, a new therapy for Lupus. My business partners and I noticed that you were mentioned on the Wikipedia site as someone who supports Lupus related work and thought it would be great to reach out to you as someone who would be excited about our work.
We are working with a form of light therapy that actually delivers specific wavelengths of light that are not sensitive for lupus patients. It has been shown to treat the systemic illness through a variety of light specific biological pathways. It's been used in humans and gone through several human trials and we are actually going to be redoing the research with a new device and getting FDA approval. We are hoping to commence human clinical trials within the next few months.
We have been trying to garner support from as many people as possible including the Alliance for Lupus Research and Woody Johnson. We met with Mr. Johnson back in August at a lupus fundraiser and have gained tremendous support for our technology.
I just gave a two-hour seminar on the therapy and what we're doing at my medical school this past week and really turned some heads. So we are very close to getting the whole thing off the ground.
We would really be excited if you could take the time to visit our webiste and take a look. We are in the process of redoing the site so not all info is on there, but our contact info is and I have a lot of great information I could forward your way should you be interested.
Thanks so much for providing avenues for people to reach out to you and I hope you will contact us in the near future. Thanks and take care.

Chris M
Opthera, Inc.
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1 great day out of 7 months

General NewsLast April i volunteered to go to Iraq,
Busy, not much sleep and extremely hot not made better by the fact taht we had to wear tonnes of kit in the heat to.

So after a pretty shit few months who do i hear that is in the naffi complex on the base where i served from the 1 and only Sophie Howard.

Thought my chances of meeting her on such a big base were small to say the least, but i managed to and even got to get my picture taken inbetween to beautiful ladies and a signed picture from them both aswell

So i say 1 great day out off 7 monnths wasnt to bad at all and very much worrth it.

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My boyfriend is completely obssessed with Sophie, seriously, he looks at pics of you whenever I am not in the house. The thing is, I really wouldnt mind, you do have a great set on you, but I also am pretty healthy up top (38DD) so cant understand why he wants to look at pictures instead of playing with the real things? What do you think i should do about him?? He clearly needs some kind of reality check, dont you think?
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General NewsI'm not completely sure what I am doing here, as I have not read the rules or any thing like that. One thing really bugging me though, I WANT TO BUY SOME DAMN POSTERS.
I have been waiting for months now to find some official posters of this Goddess and to this day my walls are still bare.
If this site posts official posters or someone links me to a site where I can, I will buy every god damned one.
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Sophieim not sure weather sophie reads this or not, but here goes!

early this year you visited the troops in iraq and i was over the moon to meet you never mind keep you company on the flight deck during the late night flight back from baghdad to basra.

im currently in the falklands and will posted here untill the new year. im sure all the troops would love to see someone like yourself down here. so if you fancy a long weekend away dont foreget about the falklands its also a litlle safer than iraq!

catch you later

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Going Round The Twist rocks my socks.

SophieOkay, so the internet is down. I'm at my Mum's using hers. And she's just said the most classic quote 'I wish you had something more on your mind than boys'. I do, my new baby kitty cat, well not so much a baby, he's 5 and I got him from the animal rescue near ours. He's super cute and I gotta go home to get some love from him!! Problem with his name though, Nioki. Any suggestions?

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Shot for Loaded on Tuesday

SophieSo, I shot for Loaded on Tuesday, and the couple of shots I saw look good, so hopefully you guys will like them too.. How did you like the video camera shots in this months? 8 of me in one shot? Sweet! haha.. I went out with the girls from the Candy Crib on Tuesday night for a couple of drinks, Claire and Jodie. They're ace, and we had a right laugh. Those girls, I know from past experiences, can party hard. On Sunday night I went to see Keith (www.myspace.com/keiththeband) at Underground in Southport, they were awesome, check them out.
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Hola Amigos...

Sophie have just wrote the longest blog in the history of this website, but because my computer is a ho, it has a load of virus' of which one of them just likes to close down firefox. Just at prime opportunities, like when I've wrote so much the ends of my fingers have been worn down to just little tiny fingernails.
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Hey Everyone!

SophieFirstly: HUGE thank you, to all the people who came along to Max Power, for being the best fun and making my weekend a lot more bearable! I won't be attending Max Power again, so I'm glad you were all there this time. Thank you again.
Secondly: I'm sorry the time we spent together was so rushed, it was a pretty hectic weekend. But I hope you had fun for the time I was working.
All the girls I met whilst working were really cool too, namely, Stephanie Saunders and Jerri Byrne! They were such a laugh, so a big thank you to them.
But I'm home now, and feeling very happy that its still so warm! I think I may be going to the beach today, have a wonder down there with the dogs.
And exactly how good was the football last night, well done to the Italians for an amazing finish!! And now, we all know what we're hoping now.... Italy France Final!! Ooh, Cello, there will be some tension!!
La France a gagner!!!